SR Aquaristik Ohko Wood

Sale price$89.98
Size: XL 50-60cm / 20" - 24" - SRA 6306


Ohko Driftwood pieces are carefully selected to ensure the best quality. Each piece is unique, with its own shape.  It has similar characteristics to Dragon Stone. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any aquarium landscape and setup.

Ohko Driftwood is a type of dense hardwood that does not rot or leech any harmful toxins into the water. It also provides a natural and realistic look for your aquarium, complete with its unique textures and shapes.

  • Carefully selected and curated for the best quality
  • Each piece is unique with its own shape, size and texture
  • Enhances the natural beauty of your aquarium

Small 7.5"-12" / Medium 12"-15.5" / Large 19.5"-23.5"/ XL 23.5"-29.5" / XXL 100-120cm