SR Aquaristik Liquid Plant Fertilizer

SRA 2253
Live Plants and Aquascaping Supplies Plant Fertilizers SR Aquaristik
Provides necessary micronutrients for beautiful aquatic plants Complete micronutrient including calcium, magnesium & iron Maximizes plant growth, color & health  Ideal for Freshwater Planted...

SR Aquaristik Spider Wood

SRA 3162
Decorations Natural Wood SR Aquaristik
Delicate branches Red/brown color create a more natural environment Making fish feel less stressed and more at home Spider Wood makes a great addition...

SR Aquaristik Weathered Driftwood

SRA 3200
Decorations Natural Wood SR Aquaristik
Weathered Driftwood is very dense, dark colored wood. It will sink immediately in your tank. The wood is very hard and will not rot...

SR Aquaristik Petrified Wood Stone

SRA 3154
Decorations Natural Rock and Stone SR Aquaristik
Petrified Wood (fossilized wood) has a very unique color and texture. You can pile them on each other building great mountainscapes. Underwater it gets...

SR Aquaristik Kalkwasser (Calcium Hydroxide) Reef Supplement

SRA 2167
Reef Additives Reef Additives and Dosing Containers SR Aquaristik
Lab tested and pharmaceutical grade Can be used as a supplement or added to top off water Phosphate and Ammonia free Ideal for use...

SR Aquaristik Dragon Stone

SRA 3142
Decorations Natural Rock and Stone SR Aquaristik
Dragon Stone (also known as Ohko Stone) is named such for its unique texture that mimics a dragon's scales. Natural dragon stones take their...

SR Aquaristik Dragon Wood

SRA 5927
Decorations Natural Wood SR Aquaristik
Dragon Wood makes a great addition to any freshwater aquarium. The delicate branches and red/brown color create a more natural environment, making fish feel...

SR Aquaristik Gnarly Wood

SRA 6020
Decorations Natural Wood SR Aquaristik
SR Aquaristik Gnarly Wood has a similar look and feel to African Mopani wood with a more elongated and natural aquarium driftwood or weathered...

SR Aquaristik Glass Cleaner & Surface Shield Spray Combo Packs

SRA 2209
Glass Cleaning / Scraping Maintenance SR Aquaristik
• Cleans aquarium glass without streaking or leaving a haze • Made with only 100% sustainable, fish safe, plant-based ingredients•  Prevents algae and debris from...

SR Aquaristik Water Conditioner (Freshwater)

SRA 2179
SR Aquaristik Water Conditioner Water Quality
Instantly Removes Chlorine and Chloramine Neutralizes Heavy Metals Phosphate and Ammonia free Recommended Dosage: 1 cap (10ml) treats up to 100 gallons of tap or...

SR Aquaristik Aquarium Nets

SRA 3131
Fish Nets Maintenance SR Aquaristik
Soft Mesh Ideal for Skimming Debris and Catching Fish Rigid Handle Resists Bending Hanging Loop for Easy Storage SR Aquaristik Aquarium Nets are different...

SR Aquaristik Water Conditioner/De-chlorinator (Freshwater & Saltwater) 250ml

SRA 2177
SALT SR Aquaristik Water Conditioner Water Quality
Water Conditioner/De-Chlorinator for Reef, Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums Instantly Removes Chlorine and Chloramine Bottle treats up to 2500 gallons of tap or well water...
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