SR Aquaristik 5 lbs Aluminum CO2 Bottle (Empty)

Sale price$124.98

 Made of high-quality brushed aluminum

  • Holds 5 pounds of CO2
  • Can be filled easily at any USA or Canada fill station

    The SR Aquaristik 5 LBS Aluminum CO2 bottle is a key component to any aquarium CO2 system. The aluminum bottle is much lighter and more attractive than the steel bottle and will not rust or cause discoloration from sitting inside aquarium cabinets. This bottle comes standard with a CGA 320 valve and is compatible with most North American CO2 regulators.


    • Tare weight 7.7 pounds
    • CGA 320 valve
    • Working pressure 800 psi

    All tanks are shipped empty. Unfortunately we are not able to ship any CO2 bottles full. If you are a local customer, we are happy to refill or swap CO2 bottles.