SR Aquaristik Pro Skim Commercial Protein Skimmer

Sale price$3,999.98

  • Energy efficient DC mixing pumps
  • Quality cast acrylic
  • Includes barbed fittings

Product Description:

Ideal for Public Aquariums, Coral Propagation, and Large Home Aquariums, the SR Aquaristik PRO Skim Commercial Protein Skimmer quickly removes organic waste from saltwater aquarium water. A powerful needle wheel impeller pump creates ideal sized air bubbles that force organic protein into a collection cup for easy removal. The SR PRO Skim Commercial is recommended for aquariums from 600 gallons and up.

SR Aquaristik SR PRO Skim Commercial Skimmers are built using flame polished cell-cast acrylic. The SR Skimmer is equipped with bubble plates, modified cone necks, air silencers and needle wheel impellers for maximum performance and quiet operation. They also have minimized footprints to make installation as easy as possible in smaller sumps.


  • Max chamber diameter:
  • Outlet size: 1 1/2” quick-precise adjustment valve
  • DC Pump included
  • Controller included