SR Aquaristik GFO Phosphate Remover

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Size: 8.8oz


  • Ideal for Freshwater and Saltwater Reef Aquariums
  • Contains 100% Granular Ferric Oxide
  • Removes Phosphates, Silicates and Dissolved Organics

Phosphate Remover – Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO)

Recommended Dosage: 

Use 1 cup/250ml for up to 50 gallons/190 liters of aquarium water.  Replace media every four weeks or if phosphate levels begin to elevate.  SR Phosphate Remover will eliminate up to 20 ppm (ml/L) of phosphate per 50 gallons/190 liters of aquarium water.

Instructions For Use:  

Gently rinse SR Phosphate Remover with RO/DI or distilled water until all of the dust is removed and the rinse water becomes clear.  Place the media in a very fine filter bag or in a suitable media reactor.  Please media in a slow moving area of the sump; do not place in an area with high flow or where the media will be tumbled.  Debris from the media released into the aquarium may stress coral.

 Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)