SR Aquaristik Coral Growth Liquid Supplement

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Size: 2L


Ideal for Saltwater Reef Aquariums

Complete carbohydrate, vitamin, amino acid and trace element supplement.

  • Amino Acid and Vitamin Supplement
  • Stimulates and Optimizes Coral Growth
  • Biodegradable and Organic
  • Contains Ascorbic Acid and Chlorella

SR Coral Growth is a complete carbohydrate, vitamin, amino acid and trace element supplement developed to enhance the growth and coloration of corals and invertebrates found in ornamental reef aquariums. SR Coral Growth contains ascorbic acid and chlorella which contains a wide range of amino acids and vitamins.

Recommended Dosage:  Add 1/2 cap (5ml) for up to 50 gallons weekly or as required to maintain optimum coral growth. Heavily stocked reefs can apply a double dose.

Instructions for use:  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. We recommend refrigerating after opening.