SR Aquaristik Collection Trap

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  • Ideal for trapping a wide variety of animals
  • Heavy-duty design prevents breakage
  • Dual entrances capture a wider variety of animals

 The SR Aquaristik Aquarium Pest Trap is ideal for trapping a large variety of difficult to catch pests in fresh or saltwater aquariums. The unique swing arm design will not damage non-targeted animals if they are trapped by accident. Removing the trapped animals is quick and easy. This universal heavy-duty trap with double entrances makes it ideal for trapping bristle worms, mantis shrimp, troublesome crabs, snails, or many other creatures.

Instructions For Use:

Simply place in an area of the aquarium with the most active or where target animals have last been seen. Leave the trap in the aquarium close to aquarium glass or in rock caves. Leave the trap in the aquarium at night as many creatures are nocturnal or more active in the dark. For best results, we recommend using strong-smelling bait like freeze-dried or frozen krill.