The Jungle Aquarium and It's Maintenance

The Jungle Aquarium and It's Maintenance

Would you like to have a segment of jungle river in your living room? Just like the aquarium below! The aquarium shows a beautiful underwater landscape inspired by South America with fish readily found in that region, including the neon tetra, which is one of the most colorful fish in the Amazon.

This jungle aquascape is based on natural rivers and streams found in Brazil’s Pantanal. Brazil’s Pantanal, this region is one of the cleanest clearest waters in the world. 



Since the water in Brazil’s Pantanal is one of the clearest waters in the world and Looking at the fish population we also could have named the aquarium Rio Negro or Amazon Region. But the water of Rio Negro or Amazon Region rivers either has a white-cloudiness or deep brown color. So this aquarium style is named a Jungle Aquarium.  



A jungle-style planted tank must be one of the most beautiful aquarium setups and possibly the most effortless aquascaping type to imitate, with its wonderful collection of magnificent plants and colorful fish.  The Jungle aquascape style may be one of the easiest aquascaping designs but over time it  becomes more functional and appealing to the eyes. 

As the name utters, the Jungle style aquarium portrays the wild , uncontrolled appearance of plants and aquatic life. The plants are in reality left to accept a natural look. After they get settled, in one to two weeks the plants start growing, and give your aquarium a jungle character. Over time the plants get denser and create a balance in the tank. Numerous types of fish favor this Jungle style thick vegetation scape.

Dwarf cichlids demonstrate some interesting behavior as they care for their brood and the neon tetras and pencil fish display their breath-taking colors.

Here are some great plant selections for your jungle style aquarium inspired by Nature (Brazil’s Pantanal)


As mentioned above, the jungle aquascape plants have a lot of freedom to grow in this Jungle Style Aquarium. They become bigger, brighter, and coarser. Some of the aquarium plants that suit the best for Jungle style aquascape and requires less plant care are:

    1. Amazon Sword Plant (easy to keep and requires minimal care)

    1. Cryptocoryne Wedtii (easy to keep in requires minimal care)

    1. Pygmy chain sword (Helanthium tenellum) (easy to keep in requires minimal care)

Hardscape Selection


There is no particular standard on how precisely you should plant your vegetation in this tank, but you should have the fundamental knowledge regarding the growth and maintenance of plants. The following Hardscape materials and jungle fish tank decorations are recommended for the Jungle style aquarium:


    1. SR Aquaristik Black Lava Rock



    1. SR Aquaristik Pine Spider Wood



Fish Selection 


In the Pantanal live a variety of beautiful fish and below you will find a selection matched by size and behavior suggested for the Jungle style aquarium:


Cockatoo dwarf cichlid

Apistogramma cacatuoides 

1 male, 2 females 


Neon Tetra

Paracheirodon innesi 

20 Fish

Golden pencil fish

Nannostomus beckfordi 

15 Fish


Cory Catfish

Corydoras trilineatus 

6 Fish


Golden Oto

Otocinclus affinis 

10 Fish


Maintaining Your Jungle Style Planted Tank


Jungle aquascape maintenance comprises mainly 50% water change on a weekly basis as well as pruning, however, the latter only when it's necessary.



General Considerations


Do not position your aquarium near a window or where it would get excessive light, this could cause algae problems and undue stress to the fish.

Keep your aquarium away from heating or air conditioning vents, this can often cause issues with temperature fluctuations. Use a temperature controller for better results.





Not all tap water is suitable for aquariums, it is always a good idea to test the water you intend to use for your aquarium and make sure it matches the requirements of the fish and plants. Inexpensive reverse osmosis systems are available to help remove unwanted chemicals and minerals from your time water. A good local aquarium store will also sell good quality water. If you are going to use tap water, make sure to use a good quality water conditioner like SR Aquaristik Ammonia Neutralizer before adding it to your aquarium! Also, make sure that the water temperature is the same as your aquarium before adding. 

We recommend changing 20% of your aquarium water weekly or at a minimum every two weeks.





Maintaining your aquarium can be easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Make sure and check your aquarium daily, it only takes a few minutes.

Make sure everything is functioning properly, the filter is working, the water temperature is being maintained and the lights are functioning properly. If you are running a CO2 system make sure and check your CO2 levels by using a drop checker or a pH controller.





We recommend illuminating your aquarium with SR Aquaristik LED Clip Light for approximately eight hours a day, using a timer or smart switch is an easy way of creating the perfect schedule. 





Use a complete fertilizer, we recommend JBL Proflora, it should be added weekly to ensure proper plant growth. JBL also makes an incredible daily fertilizer JBL Proflora Ferropol that can be added daily before the lights go on.



We recommend feeding often in small amounts, two or three times per day if possible. No more than what the fish can eat within two minutes. Proper nutrition will ensure your fish have a strong immune system and will stay happy and healthy, we recommend JBL PlanktonPur Premium food mixture as these are made of high-quality natural ingredients.


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