7 Modern Aquarium Design Trends And Ideas - 2022

7 Modern Aquarium Design Trends And Ideas - 2022

Aquariums have now become an integral part of home architecture. The change in trends in the aquarium world has moved from simple goldfish bowls to sophisticated aquascapes and planted aquariums. Beginner hobbyists are more inclined to go with smaller or nano aquariums that are easy to maintain. Aquarists are going for more alternate, natural, and contemporary aquariums that serve as the focal point in their homes or offices. 

If you're new to the hobby or looking for a clear direct path to set up a brand new aquarium, you have found it. We have listed cool fish tank ideas and home aquarium trends that can help you merge the indoor with outdoor spaces in a fascinating way.


Saltwater aquariums and reef tanks with corals will definitely make heads turn. The beauty of a symbiotic ecosystem of ocean and underwater life, that most people never even get the chance to see in their entire lifetime, will add a fascinating element to your home or office.

Putting together this unique fish tank takes a lot of work. Saltwater aquariums can be more expensive than Freshwater aquariums. Marine or Saltwater aquariums require more space with their additional equipment, special lighting, powerheads, filters, sump, skimmers, and other technical equipment. Fortunately, there are a number of different tank styles and sizes available that can work for you. Buying a tank set-up like aquarium kits will include the necessary equipment (filtration, lighting, pumps, etc.) that can save you time and money since everything included is designed to fit the tank.

Substrate and Live Rocks play an important role in a Saltwater tank. Marine creatures, specifically fish, can be territorial. So it is important to provide sufficient shelter, security, and hiding spots for them.

The most ideal approach to make aquarium maintenance simple is to plan ahead. Setting up your aquarium correctly the first time will have a huge effect on your maintenance routine.



Product Details: 


Aquarium information:



Size (Gal)

Rimless Aquarium

42.2 gallons

Aquarium Stand

108.8cm x 49cm x 68cm H


Equipment information:




Aquarium Essentials Add a Light LED 50 Watt

Reef 440 Blue

Aquarium Essentials Add a Light LED 50 Watt 

Reef 20K

SR Aquaristik Pro Sump 150

Filtration Sump

SR Aquaristik Pro Skim 150

In-Sump Protein Skimmer

SR Aquaristik DC Pumps

DC Electronic Adjustable Flow Return Pumps

SR Aquaristik Pro Cal 80

Calcium Reactor

SR Aquaristik Dual Stage Regulator

CO2 Regulator Kit with Bubble Counter and Solenoid Valve

SR Aquaristik 5lb Aluminum CO2 Bottle

CO2 Bottle (Full) (Pick Up Only)

SR Aquaristik Media Reactor 80

Media Reactor

SR Aquaristik Carbon

Activated Filter Carbon

SR Aquaristik GFO

GFO Phosphate Remover


  • Flipper Algae Magnet Cleaner with Scraper

  • Next Bite Phyto2 Phytoplankton Combo
  • Next Bite Azox Macro Coral Food
  • Next Bite S.E.L.C.O Boost
  • SR Aquaristik Coral Growth
  • SR Aquaristik Feeding Ring 
  • Aquarium Essentials Algae Clip - Clown Fish
  • SR Aquaristik Organic Seaweed Algae
  • JBL Plankton Pur
  • JBL Maris Marine Fish Flake
  • JBL Pro Aquatest KH Carbonate Hardness Test Kit 
  • JBL Pro Aquatest CA Calcium Test Kit
  • JBL Pro Aquatest NO3 Nitrate Test Kit
  • JBL Pro Aquatest PO4 Phosphate sensitive Test Kit 
  • SR Aquaristik Speed Test Kit
  • Gonipora
  • Mushroom Coral
  • Leather Coral
  • Rose Bubble Tip Anemones
  • Green Star Polyps
  • Plate Coral
  • Scolymia
Fish and Inverts:
  • Clownfish
  • Royal Gramma
  • 6 line Wrasse
  • Pygmy Cherub Angelfish
  • Coral Banded Shrimp
  • Nassarius Snails
  • Turbo Snail
  • Green Brittle Starfish


Hardscape is an uncanny resemblance to nature. Creating a Hardscape design for your tank is entirely up to your imagination. Hardscape adds perspective and depth to an aquarium and makes it look extremely interesting while providing its inhabitants sufficient shelter.

Choosing the right hardscape material can be troublesome.  Hardscape refers to an aquarium layout with gravel, rocks, tree roots, driftwood, and other aquarium decorations. With the right hardscape elements and equipment, the process of setting up the perfect hardscape aquarium in your home or office will be much simpler and relaxing.



Product Details: 


Equipment Information: 





SR Aquaristik Aquarium Stand

Architectural Cement Aquarium Pedestal 30cm x 30cm x 68.7cm 

SR Aquaristik Replacement Filter and Pump for Deco Tank 25

Replacement Filter and Pump

Oase HeatUp 25 Adjustable Aquarium Heater 

Adjustable Aquarium Heater



Substrate and Decor:



Planted aquariums are a popular and rapidly growing aquarium trend. A perfect blend of the beauty of nature with the benefits of a balanced ecosystem makes it even more interesting and exquisite. 

Planted aquariums are considered to be a healthy environment for fish-keeping as they provide shelter, security, algae-free, and oxygen-rich water to your fish.

When it comes to planted aquarium care and maintenance, most aquarists have the same goal in mind. They strive for lush and dense growth. To achieve healthy and dense growth, the right substrate and nutrients are essential.  

Setting up a new planted aquarium might seem exhausting but it's actually simple and requires minimal effort. All you need are perfect products & equipment and a love for the aquarium and aquascaping world. 

Before setting up a planted aquarium, it is important to understand your tank's limitations and the effect of its physical and chemical parameters.



Product Details: 

Equipment Information: 



SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquarium 19 Gallon

Rimless Aquarium 19 Gallons

SR Aquaristik Glass Lily Pipes

Glass Lily Pipe Set 16mm

SR Aquaristik Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

Dual- Stage CO2 Regulator

SR Aquaristik 5lb Aluminum CO2 Bottle

CO2 Bottle (Empty)

SR Aquaristik CO2 Diffuser

CO2 Diffuser

SR Aquaristik Glass U Tube for Aquarium CO2 Tubing

Glass U Tube for CO2 Tubing

SR Aquaristik CO2 Tubing

CO2 Tubing

SR Aquaristik In-line Check Valve for CO2

In-line Check Valve for CO2

Oase Biomaster Thermo 250 

External Filter


Substrate and Decor:

  • SR Aquaristik Pine Spider Wood
  • Red Flint Sand 25 lbs
  • SR Aquaristik Black Lava Rock



  • SR Aquaristik Liquid Plant Fertilizer
  • SR Aquaristik Liquid Beneficial Bacteria (Freshwater)
  • SR Aquaristik Water Conditioner (Freshwater)
  • SR Aquaristik Glass Cleaner & Surface Shield Combo Pack
  • SR Aquaristik Stainless Steel Aquascape Tool Kit





  • Rod’s Freshwater - Small Mouth



  • Limnophila Sessiliflora
  • Java Fern
  • Cryptocoryne
  • Helanthium Tenellum



  • Neon Tetras
  • Pencil Fish
  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Otocinclus 



    Terrariums are mini tabletop gardens that are often kept as a decorative and ornamental element in homes and office spaces. This fish tank style adds greenery to your life, even if you don't have enough space. They are fun to create and are perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms or commercial settings! 

    Terrariums are simple to set up. All that’s required is a glass vessel, some small stones or pebbles, activated charcoal, potting soil, plants and small aquascaping tools. 

    Terrariums are generally low-maintenance, although a small amount of maintenance is required to keep the plants healthy. Disease or pest infestation and overgrowth of plants inside the terrarium should be taken care of. To avoid such problems, regular trimming of plants is important.


    Product Details: 

      Substrate and Decor:



      • African Violet
      • Pilea


      A combination of a light bulb and a mini aquarium sounds so amazing!  Yes, we are talking about a Luminarium!  These all-glass globes are great for any space that needs a pop of color and a burst of light.  Luminariums are sold as kits, with a light and a power source attached.
      Luminarium aquariums are easy to maintain and with the all-glass globe design, they are easy to clean and feed. The serene view helps you concentrate and get inspired throughout the day. They fit anywhere in your home or office that needs life!

      Product Details: 

      Equipment Information:




      SR Aquaristik Hanging Luminarium Aquarium

      Hanging Luminarium

      SR Aquaristik Hanging Luminarium Terrarium

      Hanging Luminarium Terrarium

      SR Aquaristik Luminarium Desktop Stand

      Luminarium Desktop Stand

      Substrate and Decor:

      • SR Aquaristik Black Beach Pebbles
      • Dragon Wood Sticks
      • World Wide Imports Aquaterra Sand - Black 5lbs



      If you are into aquariums but don’t like the heavy look, you should consider a Rimless Aquarium. Most hobbyists prefer Rimless Glass Aquariums to show-case their passion for the aquarium and underwater life. These Rimless Aquariums are made up of thick glass and silicone to support the weight. The low iron glass helps you to observe the true colors of your plants, fish and corals.

      The low iron glass makes it clearer and more attractive. The glass is not only clearer but also extremely strong and the thicker glass panels make them very safe to use. There is no plastic edge or bracing on the top of the aquarium which makes it even more convenient and stylish.  

      Rimless Aquariums are generally available in multiple shapes and sizes so you need to consider your goal and purpose before purchasing the aquarium. The following criteria are important as well before buying a rimless aquarium: quality, features and accessories, brand, and of course, the budget. 

      Rimless aquariums cannot be placed on budget-built aquarium stands. If placed on such aquarium stands, the tank will not have the support at the bottom and it will eventually crack under the water pressure. So it is important to use aquarium leveling mats before placing your rimless aquariums.


      Product Details: 

      Equipment Information:




      SR Aquaristik Rimless Aquariums

      Rimless Aquarium

      SR Aquaristik LED Clip Light

      LED Clip Light

      SR Aquaristik Architectural Cement Aquarium and Stand 

      Aquarium GFRC Tabletop Stand 60cm x 25cm

      Oase Bioplus Thermo 50

      Internal Aquarium Filter


      Substrate and Decor:



      • SR Aquaristik Liquid Plant Fertilizer
      • SR Aquaristik Liquid Beneficial Bacteria (Freshwater)
      • SR Aquaristik Water Conditioner (Freshwater)
      • SR Aquaristik Glass Cleaner & Surface Shield Combo Pack



      • JBL Proscan



      • JBL Novocolor Tropical Fish Flake Food


      • Ruby Barbs


      • Cryptocoryne
      • Java Fern
      • Anubias Nana Petite



      Nano Tanks are all the talk in the aquarium world! Because of their small and low-maintenance features, they are attracting new aquarium lovers and hobbyists. But there are certain factors that must be considered before setting one up. 

      Nano Tanks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including deep and cube-shaped. Many Nano Tanks that are on the market are sold as kits, with the light, filtration, and other aquarium equipment attached.

      Nano Aquariums are small creative aquariums and contain a low volume of water, so the water filtration in nano tanks becomes the major concern as they experience a rapid shift in water quality. Regular maintenance, like water changes, cleaning and placement of these aquariums are significant. Water changes should be performed frequently, on a weekly basis at a minimum.  Conditions in Nano Tanks can change quickly, so careful observation and regular maintenance are the keys to success.



      Product Details:

      Equipment Information:




      SR Aquaristik Deco Tank 25 Aquarium Kits

      Deco Tank Kit 6.6 Gal/25L


      Substrate and Decor:

      • Dragon Stones
      • World Wide Imports Aqua Terra Sand - Natural White 5 lbs








      • Cherry Barbs


      • Bucephelandria
      • Anubias Nana Petite
      • Bacopa Monnieri
      • Hygraphola



      In the end, choosing an aquarium is totally a personal preference. Selecting an aquarium is as much fun as the selection of its inhabitants! 

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