JBL ProFlora Ferropol Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

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Nutrition for aquarium plants
Healthy plants prevent algae growth, supply oxygen, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens.

Healthy plants = healthy fish
For the plants to flourish the following demands have to be met:
Light (provides an energy source for CO2 photosynthesis), nutrients and trace elements (operate as growth promoters).

JBL fertilizers supply the plants with all their main nutrients and essential trace elements. This way the plants can absorb all the required nutrients they need over the leaves and roots, and deficiency symptoms (e.g. iron deficiency) are thus prevented.

Don't get confused: The label says "...complex stability at pH 4-5." This means that JBL Ferropol has a pH value of 4-5. This is necessary to keep the greenish color (color complex) stable and has nothing to do with whether it is effective at this pH value. JBL Ferropol can be used at all pH values and the availability of the contained minerals increases with increasing pH value.


  • Primary care for water plants: basis fertilizer for freshwater aquariums
  • Vigorous plant growth, no deficiency symptoms thanks to minerals such as iron, potassium and other trace elements
  • For intensive leaf coloring thanks to its ideal concentration and compound of iron
  • Optimal promotion of plant growth means less algae growth. No phosphates and nitrates. Not harmful to crayfish and shrimps
  • Contents: 1 bottle Ferropol. To use: 10 ml/40 l water. Environmentally friendly refill bag available