World Wide Imports Nature's Ocean Marine Pre-Washed Atlantic Crushed Coral

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Style: Crushed Coral #4 (2-3.5mm)


Size: 20 lbs


Benefits of Nature's Ocean® Reef Sustrates:
100 % From The Ocean Floor
Natural crushed coral sand
Maintains superior pH and marine chemical balance
Provides maximum surface area for biological nitrification
Scientifically graded for uniformity which provides maximum
  water flow and aeration
 Prevents anaerobic (Dead Spots) in Bacteria bed.
Completely chemical free
Pre-washed (minimum rinse required)

Use at a rate of 10lbs per square foot of the tank floor's bottom area which yields about a 1" deep covering. Depending on your needs or preferences the depth may vary from 1/8" to 3"s of covering.