Boyd Vita-Chem Fresh

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  • Increased growth
  • Great for color enhancement and promotes breeding
  • Natural vitality restored
  • Rapid fin regeneration
  • Fabulous intense natural colors
  • Helps With Lateral Line Disease
  • Great for Freshwater fish, breeders and inhabitants

  • Pre-stabilized multi-vitamin, water and tissue soluble – an exclusive revolutionary new concept in vitamin supplements for animals and fishes kept in closed systems. Helps aid with Fin Regeneration & Lateral Line disease.

    Revolutionary water and tissue soluble vitamin formula designed for aquatic plants and animals. Vita-Chem provides vitamins in a biologically usable form so your aquarium inhabitants receive their full nutritional benefits for optimum health. Brings out intense natural colors of fish, increases growth, restores natural vitality of fish, helps increase resistance to disease, and more. Vita-Chem is also great for fin regeneration and preventing lateral line disease. It's the most effective concentrated environmental vitamin offered to the aquarium trade. Contains over 30 naturally occurring extracts bonded with amino acids and provides more active Vitamin C than any other fish vitamin.

    This vitamin supplement can be added directly to water or incorporated with dry, frozen or live foods.

    It has been tested by some of the most experienced breeders, hobbyist and public aquariums for over 20 years producing consistent results like better spawn and growth rates.

    Please Note:

    Please Read Instructions Before Use


    More Information (directions for use)

    1. Shake well, add 1 drop per gallon once a week and several drops in food once daily.

    2. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate.

    3. One table spoon is equal to 50 drops.



    Ascorbic acid, marine algae (ulva and kelp), plankton extract, biotin, soluble brewer's yeast, cobalamine concentrate, L-Lysine HCL, d-alpha tocopherol, inositol folic acid, and hydrochloride monohydrate.