Two Little Fishies Xaqua InOut Overflow & Return

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The Xaqua INOUT is a complete overflow system that can be installed on aquariums that have an external sump filter. With the INOUT there’s no holes in the bottom of the aquarium, eliminating the risk of catastrophic water leakage possible with conventional overflows. Xaqua INOUT is installed with holes drilled in the side or the back of the aquarium, so there’s no partition that robs space from the aquascape, and the tank volume is unaffected. The special construction makes it noiseless and generates a wave effect on the water surface. The new model introduced in 2016 has a larger drain, allowing a maximum pump capacity of 660 gph (2500 L/h).

Drain and return hose set available separately. Manufactured in Italy by Xaqua. Distributed by Two Little Fishies, Inc. in North America, South America, Central America, Mexico, Asia, Australia, and South Africa.