Red Sea Customizable DIY Aquarium Net Cover Parts

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Keep your finny friends safe inside your tank with a customizable Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover.

With a sleek profile and minimalist hangers the Red Sea Net Cover blends in seamlessly even on ultra-clear, rimless, open-top aquariums.

The extra strong aluminum frame and purpose designed components allow the extra thin transparent net cover to be customized to accommodate rim-mounted equipment such as lighting arms, auto-feeders and overflow boxes.

Net Cover hangers | Item code R42087 

Additional hangers for increased support

  • Hanger (C) – 4

Net Cover Zig Zag 15/40mm | Item code R42085

Use for circumventing equipment mounts such as LED

  • ZigZag 15  Left (F) – 1
  • ZigZag 15  Right (F) – 1
  • ZigZag 40  Left (F) – 1
  • ZigZag 40  Right (F) – 1

Net Cover universal Cut out Kit | Item code R42086

Use for larger cut outs

  • External corner (A)
  • Internal corner (B)
  • Cut out Profile (P3)