Next Bite Phyto2 Phytoplankton Combo Pack ISO/Tet & Nan

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Size: 8 oz - Two 4 oz Bottles


Live Phytoplankton

Next Bite Phyto 2 live phytoplankton now features amino enrichment through a proprietary fertilization and osmotic process.

Phyto 2 is a naturally occurring food source in both marine and freshwater environments. A major source of micronutrient, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Phytoplankton is essential for maintaining many species of coral, gorgonian, sponge, clams and many other filter feeding invertebrates. Live Phyto 2 phytoplankton allows your aquarium to reach its full potential!


Target feed or add 3 pumps /15 ml/1 tablespoon for every 25 gallons of aquarium water once every other day. Double dose may be necessary and heavily stocked aquariums.

Keep Refrigerated and shake two times weekly to keep plankton cells in suspension

For Aquarium use only, not for human consumption

Made in USA