Oase BioStyle Disposable Cartridge Set

Sale price$18.99
Size: 4 Pack


  • Easy to replace

  • Multi-stage

  • Quality design

All BioStyle models come with multi-stage filter cartridges and biological filter foams.

Multi-stage Filter Cartridge

Comes standard in all BioStyle models. Disposable cartridge houses 3-stage filtration.

  1. 45 ppi Filter Foam: Traps debris and waste and also offers surface area for beneficial bacteria.

  2. Three chemical media mix: Carbon, zeolite and phosphate binder. Removes odors, impurities, and harmful nutrients from the water.

  3. Filter fleece: Traps extremely fine debris for a water polishing effect.

The filter cartridge should be replaced after 4-6 weeks, depending upon aquarium size, number of fish and plants, and declines in filter performance.

Replacement cartridges are available in a 2-pack and a 4-pack.