JBL AutoFood Black Automatic Feeder

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Black automatic feeder for aquarium fish

Automatic Feeding

JBL’s practical automatic feeder enables the automatic feeding of aquarium fish. The automatic device is suitable for all granulates up to 3 mm.


Practical automatic feeder: automatic feeding of aquarium fish – For all granulates up to3 mm

Easy setting: up to 4 feeds per day with individual food quantities. Holds up to 375 ml

On/Off switch for manual operation, easy adjustment of feeding times and quantity

Air connection to keep the food dry, universal mounting by suction cups or mounting clamps (can rotate 360° on the mount)

Package contents: automatic feeder for aquarium fish with mounts and 3x 1.5 V AA batteries

Easy to mount

The automatic device can be attached by suction cups or a stable clamp mounting. The mount can be rotated by 360 degrees.


Feeds up to 4 times a day

AutoFood can be set for up to 4 feeds a day. The device has an On/Off switch for the manual operation. The feeding times and the quantity can easily be set on the display. AutoFood has an air connection to keep the food dry.