JBL ArtemioSet (Complete Breeding Kit for Live Food)

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Complete breeding kit for live food

Fish love a varied diet
An unbalanced fish diet can lead to nutrient deficiency, diseases, and fatty degeneration of organs. Provide your aquarium dwellers with a varied diet in the form of live food.

Producing your own live food has many advantages:
• Free of parasites
• Rich in fiber
• Promotes the hunting instinct of the fish
• Increases readiness of spawning
• Easy, quick, and convenient
• Affordable alternative compared to frozen food

It’s fun to do it yourself :
- Add salt to the water
- Put the Artemia eggs into the saltwater
- Wait until the brine shrimps have hatched
- Strain the brine shrimps into a sieve
- Ready for feeding

Easy to use
Place breeding container in the stand provided. Fill it with water, add special salt and Artemia eggs (not included) to the container. Close the breeding container. Connect air pump and let it aerate for 24 – 48 hours. Open stopper at the bottom of breeding container. Breeding water flows through the sieve and separates water from the live food.


Artemia nauplii home-grown in 24-48 hours: cultivation equipment with stand and air pump

Assemble culture device, connect air pump, add water, salt and Artemia eggs, allow 24-48 h for hatching brine shrimps to run out, and catch them in sieve. Feed crustaceans to the fish

Effective: maximal hatching rate as a result of the naupilia’s constant movement and funnel shape, separation of the nauplia from the breeding water with Artemia sieve (0.15 mm mesh size), nauplia removed using harvesting container

Extendable by combining with other breeding containers, several containers with staggered setting up times: continuous supply for sensitive young fry

Package contents: 1 breeding kit for live food, ArtemioSet. Incl. 1 funnel shaped breeding container with dome cover, 1 stand with screws, 1 air pump, 1 harvesting container, 1 Artemia sieve, 1.8 m air hose, 1 check valve