Jakarta Reef Rock (From Live Rock that has been Harvested from the Ocean) 44lb Mixed Box

Sale price$519.98

Mixed Sizes (Small, Medium and Large)

  • Harvested from Jakarta Indonesia
  • Rock has been dried, eliminating the threat of hitchhikers
  • Locks together easily, making extremely stable structures

Natural Live Rock has been almost impossible to obtain over the last few years. We now have the next best thing! Natural Jakarta Reef Rock harvested from nature is ideal, hosting large live bacteria populations, and is even better for cycling in your new reef aquarium. It's extremely lightweight and porous and can be used to create an incredibly life-like reef structure. The rock locks together, making scaping your reef tank quick and easy!

 For the first time in years, aquarists can now access natural Jakarta Reef Rock which is ready for new life and is a quick and easy way to create beautiful structures. Gently harvested from Indonesia with no risk of unwelcome hitchhikers, this Live Rock locks together easily for a stable foundation when scaping your tank - making it ideal for replicating life-like reefs!