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Sera Alder Cones (50 pcs.)

Alder Cones for Lowering the pH Value in a Natural Way Sera Alder Cones prevent fungal infections and spawn fungus in a natural way....
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Sera Betta Aquatan

Water Conditioner for Fish Friendly Water Immediately removes chlorine and chloramines Binds heavy metals Contains mineral substances Toxic substances such as chlorine and heavy...
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Sera Bettagran Nature Color Food

Fine Granules with Natural Astaxanthin for Betta Sera Bettagran Nature is the easily digestible color food without dyes and preservatives for labyrinth fish such...
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Sera Catappa Leaves

Tropical Almond Leaves for Natural Water Conditioning Sera Catappa Leaves provide water conditioning in environments such as natural biotopes. The tropical almond leaves support natural...
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Sera Catfish Chips Nature

Chips that Keep their Shape for Rasping Ancistrus and Plecos Sera Catfish Chips Nature is the staple food without dyes and preservatives for rasping...
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Sera FD Bloodworms Nature Freeze Dried Treats

The Treat for Juvenile and Carnivorous Fish Sera FD Bloodworms Nature is the treat consisting of 100% bloodworms for all predominantly carnivorous fish. Due...
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Sera Filter Wool

For Mechanical Prefiltration of Fine Dirt Particles Sera filter wool for mechanical prefiltration consists of stable fibers that retain finer dirt particles for a...
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Sera Fishtamin Liquid Vitamin

Complementary Food Supplement for All Fresh & Marine Water Fish Sera Fishtamin is the complementary food supplement consisting of a carefully manufactured emulsified multivitamin...
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Sera ImmunPro Mini Nature - Growth Food

Probiotic Growth Food for Ornamental Fish  sera ImmunPro Mini Nature is the growth food for all ornamental fish up to 1.6" (4 cm). The...
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Sera ImmunPro Nature

Probiotic Growth Food for Ornamental Fish  Sera ImmunPro Nature is the growth food for all ornamental fish above 1.6" (4 cm). The probiotics are applied...
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Sera Insect Nature - Ornamental Fish Food

Fish Food with 100% protein from a sustainable source - Insect Meal sera Insect Nature is the staple food consisting of sustainable insect meal...
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Sera Internal Filter

Air Operated Internal Sponge Filter These air-operated internal filters work as a mammoth or airlift pump. It is pushed into the standpipe via a...
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