SR Aquaristik Architectural Cement Aquarium Stand 100cm x 40cm (39.37" x 15.75")

Sale price$649.98

GFRC Aquarium Stand 100 x 40 cm

  • Made from lightweight GFRC Concrete
  • Water resistant
  • Focal Point in any setting

SR Aquaristik GFRC aquarium stands are made from a revolutionary material that is extremely strong, but amazingly lightweight. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) creates a beautiful yet warm contemporary focal point in any setting. This innovative blend of concrete and fiberglass is extremely durable and water resistant. After manufacturing, each stand is sprayed with a durable top coating to prevent staining or water penetration. Ideal for SR Aquaristik Low Iron Rimless Aquariums and other Fish Tanks.


Overall dimensions: 108.8cm x 49cm x 68cm H (42 7/8" x 19.25 x 27" H)

Aquarium Dimension: 100 cm x 40 cm

Door Opening: 71cm x 48cm (28" x 19")

Weight: 138 lbs. / 62.5 kg

Color: Architectural Cement

**Aquarium Not Included**