JBL SilicatEx Rapid - Prevents Diatoms by Removing Silicate 400g

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Prevents diatoms by removing silicate


  • Filter material for the removal of silicic acid (silicate) in fresh and marine water aquariums to prevent diatoms
  • Rinse, fill in filter bag (enclosed), and place in filter. Rinse after one to two weeks
  • Diatoms can form brown unsightly deposits on gravel, decoration material, and plants
  • Silicate content can be checked with a silicate test. Result: values below 0.4 mg/l silicate prevent diatoms
  • Guaranteed efficiency: binds up to 30,000 mg silicate (SiO2)/ kg. Including net bag and sealing clip

This is how to have a beautiful aquarium without troublesome algae:
Diatoms forms brownish coatings on plants, aquarium bases, and decorations. They occur when your water contains more than 0.4 mg/l silicic acid/silicates (SiO2). The silicic acid mainly comes from your tap water. It serves to develop the skeletal structure of the diatoms. To combat the algae, just remove the silicic acid from the water and they will die or have no opportunity to form.
Diatoms are neither toxic nor harmful. They even form a part of the nutritional basis for grazing cichlids in Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. But as algae form brownish coatings which are regarded as unattractive we tend to remove them from our aquariums.

Distinguishing between diatoms and slimy algae:
Both algal groups can look very similar. But when you take them between your fingers you can feel the difference: slimy algae feel greasy-slimy even after rubbing them longer, whereas diatoms feel rough.

Special filtering:
SilicatEx Rapid is a silicate remover that removes silicate from your fresh and marine water aquariums. It removes from the main nutrients the unwanted diatom algae (brown coatings), which often appear after freshwater has been added. SilicatEx Rapid also removes phosphate etc. and thus curbs the growth of other algae in the aquarium. The filter material creates biotope-like living conditions.