JBL Artemio Fluid 50ml (Brine Shrimp and Phytoplankton Food)

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Complete food for crusteceans

Fish love a varied diet
An unbalanced fish diet can lead to nutrient deficiency, diseases, and fatty degeneration of organs. Provide your aquarium dwellers with a varied diet in the form of live food.

Producing your own live food has many advantages:
• Free of parasites
• Rich in fiber
• Promotes the hunting instinct of the fish
• Increases readiness of spawning
• Easy, quick, and convenient
• Affordable alternative compared to frozen food

It’s fun to do it yourself :
- Add salt to the water
- Put the Artemia eggs into the saltwater
- Wait until the brine shrimps have hatched
- Strain the brine shrimps into a sieve
- Ready for feeding

If you want to cultivate the Artemia eggs, you need to put the eggs into saltwater. JBL ArtemioSal has been designed to create this saltwater. The small Artemia crustaceans hatch inside and then provide perfect live food for your fish. The micro algae included in the salt mixture serve as food for the freshly hatched crustaceans.


Liquid food for breeding live food: homogenised phytoplankton and other essential nutrients to feed Artemia nauplii

Add liquid food to the water a drop at a time

Light green coloring of the water indicates the right amount of food. Feed again when water becomes clear again

Fish choose JBL food: 98.5% of all fish species immediately ate the JBL food during our research expeditions in freshwaters. Ultra-fine phytoplankton (algae) which is also the nutrition for Artemia nauplii in the wild.

Contents: ArtemioFluid, complete food for crusteceans.