JBL AquaEx Set 10-35 Nano (gravel cleaner for Nano/small aquariums)

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Gravel cleaner for nano aquariums

Dirt on the bottom
Food and plant remains and metabolic products form debris at the bottom of the aquarium. When there is an oxygen deficiency in the aquarium the sludge at the bottom can start to putrefy. Putrefaction endangers the health of the aquarium inhabitants. It is therefore advisable to clean the bottom regularly. We recommend you change a third of the water every two weeks.

Easy to use
Connect the hose to the gravel cleaner using the connection element. Hold the gravel cleaner in the water and shortly prime by mouth once. Gravity will cause the water to flow and create suction in the gravel cleaner. Move the gravel cleaner inch by inch through the gravel of the aquarium bottom.

Cleans thoroughly
The small square cross section enables you to clean places which are difficult to reach.

Safe operation
Thanks to the built-in protective sieve it is impossible for fish, shrimps or plants to be sucked in.


Small but powerful gravel cleaner for the siphoning of waste in small aquariums

The square cross section also enables you to siphon waste in the aquarium corners

Removable protective sieve to prevent plants, shrimps and fish from being sucked in

Use: hold the gravel cleaner into the water, briefly suck in down the hose once and the water flows into the bucket. Immerse gravel cleaner into the substrate and the suction removes waste from the bottom

Package contents: 1 gravel cleaner Aqua Ex Set. Ø 35 mm, 12.5 cm height, incl. 1.5 m hose (9/12 mm)