Bob Smith Industries IC-Gel Coral Glue

Sale price$7.99
Size: 20 g


  • Ideal for Mounting/Gluing Coral Frags
  • Thick Gel Makes It Easy to Use
  • Creates a Bond in Seconds

IC-GEL™ is an extremely thick cyanoacrylate Gel that comes in an applicator tube, like toothpaste. It is ideal for gluing coral frags to frag plugs or rocks, attaching live plants to driftwood and attaching rocks together to create beautiful aquascapes. The thick Gel makes it easier to control when adhering coral frags or plants to surfaces. It can even be used safely underwater.

Instructions for Use:

Screw on top and cap unit to puncture seal on the tube. Remove cap and apply IC-GEL to one surface, and then hold parts tightly together. Sets in 10-25 seconds. Replace cap immediately after use. Store in cool dry place.


  • Contains cyanoacrylate and will bond to skin in seconds
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For long-term storage, keep refrigerated after opening