Home Aquarium Benefits and Trends - 2021

Home Aquarium Benefits and Trends - 2021


If you are an experienced aquarium enthusiast, perhaps you have noticed changes in aquarium trends over the years. These trends may relate to decoration for the aquarium, technological advancements or general style of the aquarium . Aquarists are going for more alternate, natural and contemporary aquariums that serve as the focal point in their homes. Desktop aquarium is becoming quite popular now that we are staying at home. We have discussed some of the major trends that have affected the aquarium market in recent times.


The aquarium market has seen a rise in aquascaping or the art of arranging rock, driftwood, aquatic plants etc. within an aquarium in an aesthetically pleasing manner. "The easiest way to think of it as landscape gardening, but underwater," explains British aquascaping expert, George Farmer. The idea of re-fashioning aquariums based on various themes is currently trending. Hardscape and plants are used to decorate and recreate themes like Dutch style, Japanese style, paludarium, jungle theme and so on. Millenials are particularly hooked on this trend. Aquascaping provides them with a medium to showcase their creativity with Instagram-able pictures.

At Zooxae, we have the best collection from renowned brands in the industry to help you choose the perfect hardscape and design an underwater landscape.

At Zooxae we offer a large selection of SR Aquaristik hardscape material ideal for aquascaping, these materials include driftwood, spider wood and many types of beautiful rock and stone.


One of the biggest trends in aquarium décor is to create a more natural environment for its inhabitants. This environment would include live plants, natural rock, driftwood pieces and a substrate that mimics a natural environment. Sand is quite popular in this type of aquarium, it not only looks great, but it also provides a safe spot for fish like Cory Catfish to root around in the sand for food safely without damaging their barbels. We carry a large variety of rock, stone, substrate like sand and driftwood. If you get stumped on what to purchase, we are always here to help! Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can help pick out the perfect aquarium decor!

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