5 Benefits of Having a Fish Tank or Home Aquarium

5 Benefits of Having a Fish Tank or Home Aquarium

Many people baulk at the idea of keeping an aquarium thinking it’s too much work. “I don’t have time to maintain an aquarium – it takes a lot of effort” is what most people feel. But in reality, keeping an aquarium and tending to fish can be quite a transformational life experience. Yes, that’s true! There are many scientific studies to prove this fact. Gazing at fish frolicking in an aquarium can make us healthier and happier, and bring about an overall sense of fulfillment to our lives.

An aquarium for your thoughts?

To start with, fish have the ability to help humans deal with quite a number of physical and mental ailments. So, instead of running after those exotic breeds of dogs, cats, and other pets, think about building your own beautiful aquarium, or better still, a lovely pond in the backyard for your physical and mental well-being

The gentle gurgle of water in the aquarium, the flora and fauna, the fish, the corals… watching all this together is like being transported to a mini-world where peace reigns, which is the reason why watching fish frolic about in an aquarium calms one’s nerves by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. So, if you’re in a stressful job, and want to destress, you know what you’ve got to do – yup, get an aquarium.

Oh, fish! It’s office work!

Or, better still, you could keep one in your office – did you know keeping an aquarium in office helps increase productivity at work? When you are calm and collected after a round of feeding the fish, you make better decisions and work in a more focused manner. Aquariums exude positive energy according to the ancient Asian wellness and architectural concepts of Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra, which considers aquarium to be a microcosm of life.

Help your child grow – buy them an aquarium

This is why caring for an aquarium can motivate everyone, from children to adults to live life to the fullest. Imagine the excitement of buying an aquarium, beautifying it with lovely aquatic plants, coral reefs, lights, stones, pebbles… and then, making it all come alive by putting in fish – it’s a magical moment, really, when one’s creativity comes to life! If you are a parent, you can let your child look after the aquarium to help him improve social and emotional skills. Their self-confidence will soar and will help them grow into responsible adults.

An aquarium could be the perfect roommate!

If you are tired of a messy roommate that is always eating your food, maybe it is time to get rid of your roommate and get an aquarium? Maybe a new aquarium is the perfect life hack for our modern world? More and more people are working from home and less exposed to nature. During a stressful day there is nothing better than taking a few minutes to trim your plants, rearrange decorations or simply just feed the fish. A few minutes of interaction with your aquarium can help break up the monotony of the day and provide immediate stress relief!

Who said fish don’t make great pets?

Over time fish begin to recognize their caretakers, larger fish tend to have more of a personality and show love for their owners and their own unique way. Many people especially the elderly find relaxation and a connection with nature by owning an aquarium. Hours of relaxation and serenity can be found simply by watching the aquarium inhabitants interact with each other and their caretakers.

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Find joy in life – own an aquarium

Over a period of time, the fish begin to recognize you and show their love in their own unique way each time you go near the aquarium – this is why keeping an aquarium gives a purpose in life for the young, and especially, for the elderly. They feel loved, and get a sense of belonging. In today’s world of online friends and real-life stress, coming home to a thriving aquarium can instil in you a renewed sense of vigor and joy.

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