Hygrophila pinnatifida Tissue Culture Cup


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Hygrophila pinnatifida or Fiedenspaltiger Wasserfreund is an absolute eye-catcher: The upright stem plant not only presents a distinctive reddish colour, it also impresses with its opulently pinnate leaf structure - like proud hat feathers! Thanks to its unusual appearance, you can also accept its slow growth, but it can reach heights of 20 to 40 cm. If side shoots are allowed to flourish undisturbed, they tend to take root on the hardscape and form new plants - interesting backdrops emerge over time. The water lover needs good light and is a warm showerer: He feels comfortable between 20 to 30°C. Be careful with snails! Some species find Hygrophila pinnatifida nice to eat.

Light requirement: good to intense

Optimal temperature: 20 to 30°C

Water values: 4 to 20° dH pH value: 5.5 to 8 - tolerant

Addition of CO2 and nutrients: recommended

Propagation: runners, cuttings

Note: The cups are grown in the laboratory. Aquatic plants from the so-called in vitro culture are grown sterile. They are therefore also suitable for sensitive animals such as dwarf shrimp and can be used immediately. With in vitro plants, there are no stowaways such as snails or parasites, and pesticides are also completely avoided.