Glossostigma elatinoides Tissue Culture Cup


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  • From Australia
  • Most popular ground cover
  • Higher light requirements
  • Softer water
  • CO2 additions
  • Plant discovery by Takashi Amano

Glossostigma elatinoides or Australian tongue leaf gets an Oscar! The small-leaved plant is the most popular ground cover of all, not least because of its pronounced vigour. Japanese-inspired layouts, in particular, make use of them, no wonder: Takashi Amano became aware of the relatively inconspicuous plant in 1980 and successfully cultivated it for his aquascaping projects. She has been a fan favourite ever since. Of course, the foreground is ideal for them, whether as a group or as ground cover. If you want to grow them as a carpet, you should plant several cuttings/bales at a distance of a few centimetres. It's not that simple: it needs a supply of CO2, soft water and good light. Under no circumstances should it be in the shade of large plants!

Light requirement: good to intense, no shade at all
Optimal temperature: 4 to 30°C
Water values: soft to very soft
pH value: 4 to 7 - very tolerant
Addition of CO2 and nutrients: absolutely
Propagation: runners, cuttings, division, separation
Emersed growth: yes

Note: The cups are grown in the laboratory. Aquatic plants from the so-called in vitro culture plants are grown sterile. They are therefore also suitable for sensitive animals such as dwarf shrimp and can be used immediately. With in vitro plants, there are no stowaways such as snails or parasites, and pesticides are also completely avoided.