Echinodorus tenellus Tissue Culture Cup


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The grassy dwarf sword plant Echinodorus tenellus from South America, which is relatively easy to care for, is also commercially available as Helanthium tenellum. It likes soft to hard water. The 5 to approx. 10 cm rosette plant comes into its own in the foreground of the aquarium.

The grassy dwarf sword plant Echinodorus tenellus, which forms runners, has been assigned to a new genus and is now called Helanthium tenellum. It does not become very large with 5 to 10 cm and therefore fits very well as a foreground plant in the aquarium. Their light green, dense leaflets are beautiful in the aquarium. Under a lot of light, it stays particularly compact and can take on a reddish color.

Echinodorus tenellus sprouts and therefore quickly forms a dense carpet of grass in the foreground of the aquarium. You can separate the runners and then use the daughter plants. This is how the grassy dwarf sword plant can be propagated super easily.

Echinodorus tenellus likes to have a root fertilizer because it is quite hungry. The grassy dwarf sword plant grows quickly and densely. If the leaves are too close together, they may grow higher.

Echinodorus tenellus grows really well in soft to hard water, with extra CO2 it grows even better, but additional carbon fertilization is not a requirement. Medium-light is enough for it.

Here you can buy the grassy sword freshwater aquarium plants in a cup, which means that it was grown in the laboratory under sterile conditions in a meristem culture. You can put our cups directly into your aquarium because they are completely untreated and have not come into contact with pesticides, pathogens, or pests. There will be no harmful effects to even sensitive shrimp.