Rotala wallichii Tissue Culture Lg Cup


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The fine-leaved Rotala sets accents: in favorable light conditions, its filigree leaf tips transform into a rose-red beacon, especially in group plantings, the stem plant looks extremely charming - a wonderful change in the green underwater jungle!

With a height of 10 to 30 cm, it is ideal for the foreground and middle ground as well as for small aquariums - it can be easily trimmed if there is too much growth.

Like almost all plants, it needs the addition of CO2 and fertilizers with robust growth and vital leaf development. The plant will feel right at home in slightly acidic, soft water. However, herbivorous fish also like the fine leaves!

Note: The cups are grown in the laboratory. Aquatic plants from the so-called in vitro culture are grown sterile. They are therefore also suitable for sensitive animals such as dwarf shrimp and can be used immediately. Within vitro plants, there are no stowaways such as snails or parasites, and pesticides are also completely avoided.