Rotala macrandra Tissue Culture Lg Cup


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  • From Asia
  • Colorful stem plant
  • Dense, bushy growth
  • Middle & Background
  • Temperature 18 to 30°C

Rotala macrandra is a robust stem plant beauty with a dark, red to magenta color and unique-shaped leaves. However, it only develops this if you allow it to have strong lighting. Soft water and CO2 additions are necessary for optimal growth. In group plantings, it looks impressive and creates exciting contrasts - a compact central and background plant that blends harmoniously into lush and purist layouts.


Note: The cups are grown in the laboratory. Aquatic plants from the so-called in vitro culture are grown sterile. They are therefore also suitable for sensitive animals such as dwarf shrimp and can be used immediately. Within vitro plants, there are no stowaways such as snails or parasites, and pesticides are also completely avoided.