Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Tissue Culture Cup


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  • From South America
  • Easy to maintain
  • For ground cover
  • Suitable for the foreground
  • Height 5 to approx. 7 cm
  • Suitable in soft to medium-hard water

The easy-to-care-for Brazilian grass plant Lilaeopsis brasiliensis from South America likes soft to medium-hard water. The 5 to 7 cm high grass plant really comes into its own in the foreground of the aquarium.

The fine, light green leaves of the Brazilian grass plant Lilaeopsis brasiliensis look like blades of grass.

The medium-fast growing Lilaeopsis brasiliensis reproduces via runners. The lawn in the foreground in the aquarium will soon be really dense. You can cut off the runners with scissors and then replant them elsewhere. It's best to do this with tweezers because the young plants of the Brazilian grass plant are quite small.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis grows best in soft and medium-hard water. CO2 fertilization promotes their growth but is not absolutely necessary for their care. Brazilian grass plants grow optimally and compactly under medium to strong light.

You can also buy the Brazilian grass plant in the cup at Olibetta in the online shop. Here it was grown in vitro from cell culture in the laboratory and therefore does not bring any harmful substances or pests with it. You can plant the plants from our cups in your aquarium without hesitation, even if you keep sensitive dwarf shrimp in them.