Next Bite Azox Macro Coral Food 8fl oz (250ml)

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Microtechnology Coral Food

Next Bite AZOX is a nutritious diet specifically designed for both photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic coral and larval fish. AZOX is comprised of various sized zooplankton and phytoplankton selected specifically for their size, nutrition and feeding requirements of coral. These small nutritious particles are ideal for completing the food chain in captive reef aquariums. AZOX allows aquarium keepers to keep specimens previously thought to be impossible to keep in captive aquariums.


Broadcast feed in areas of the aquarium that are densely populated with coral to a maximum of one pump/ 3ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water up to four times weekly. Product can also be target fed.


Various pieces of zoo plankton, phytoplankton, decapsulated brine shrimp, baby brine shrimp harvested four hours after hatching, rotifers, three varieties of copepods

Keep Refrigerated

For Aquarium use only, not for human consumption.

Made in USA

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